Sterishot® II Filshie® Clip Applicator

Sterishot® II Filshie Clip Applicator



Single use Sterishot® II consistently produces effective results with a confirmed calibrated Filshie® Clip closure mechanism without medical staff prior involvement. Outside the USA, Sterishot® II has been providing exact closure pressure and reliable locking of the clip since 2008.


Compared to a reusable applicator, Sterishot® II eliminates potential for patient infection due to cross-contamination, annual calibration requirements, the risk of damage from handling and storage, and resources required for post-surgical cleaning, sterilization processing and tracking and careful handling and storage between procedures.



The Filshie® System containing the Filshie® Clips and Sterishot® II applicator are now immediately available in the USA from Utah Medical Products. Complete the form below to have a representative follow up on the Filshie® System featuring the Sterishot® II applicator.

Since introduction in 1982, with over 13 million clips applied, knowledgeable gynecologists have relied on the Filshie® Clip System for high effectiveness, rare unwanted complications and a long history of patient satisfaction.

  • Immediately Effective

Filshie® Clips provide immediate effective occlusion of the Fallopian tubes, do not require an interim method of birth control, and do not need a subsequent confirmation to verify tubal obstruction. This immediate effectiveness is supported by a very low ectopic pregnancy rate (0.016%) (1), significantly better than other tubal occlusion methods.

  • Excellent Clinical Effectiveness

In hundreds of published studies, the Filshie® System demonstrates an exemplary “typical use” success rate — including an extremely low rate of misapplication.

  • Effective for Postpartum Application

The Filshie® Clip’s special silicone profile and clip length allows clips to be placed onto edematous postpartum Fallopian tubes. The length is able to encompass a swollen tube, and the silicone maintains pressure on the clipped tube as the tube gradually shrinks.

  • Effectively Placed in Virtually Every Patient Candidate

Filshie® Clips are placed via a simple, intuitive laparoscopy or minilaparotomy procedure. The application is quick and easy, yielding successful application rates approaching 100% (2).

  • Globally Recognized and Recommended

It is clear that the success of the Filshie® Clip is the reason that the UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, in conjunction with the National Health Service, continues to recommend Filshie® Clips as the preferred method for laparoscopic female sterilization (3). The Filshie® System is the most common tubal occlusion method in Australia and New Zealand (4), and is one of the most popular permanent sterilization methods in the United States, Canada, South Africa, the Netherlands, and a significant number of other countries worldwide.

Complete the form below to have a representative follow up on the Filshie® System featuring the Sterishot® II applicator.


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(2) Duffy S, Marsh F, Rogerson L, et al, Female sterilisation: a cohort controlled comparative study of ESSURE versus laparoscopic sterilisation. BJOG. 2005 Nov;112(11):1522-8.
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Sterishot® II Filshie Clip Applicator
Shaft Diameter 7 mm
Minimum Port Inside Diameter 7.5 mm
Shaft Length 240 mm

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