AROM-Cot® Amniotomy Finger Cots

The artificial rupture of membranes (AROM), known as an amniotomy, is a procedure to induce labor or facilitate birth. The AROM-Cot® finger cot for amniotomy is an effective tool for AROM and subsequent induction or augmentation of labor. When using AROM-Cot®, the finger becomes the instrument which aids in correct placement while minimizing patient anxiety. The AROM-Cot® is particularly useful in cases where the cervix is posterior.


AROM-Cot® is a disposable, single use, non-latex finger cot with attached hook for performing amniotomy.


  • Less Pain: Single finger insertion, with no rigid instrument used.
  • Less Anxiety: The use of rigid instruments can cause significant patient anxiety.
  • Greater dexterity and feel allows for more precise hook application, avoiding damage to surrounding tissue.
  • One-handed technique allows the operator to stabilize the presenting part with free hand.
  • As the finger is a flexible instrument, lithotomy is unnecessary, even with a posterior cervix.
  • Outer teardrop shape indicates orientation of hook.
  • Contains no latex or latex by-products.

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