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The Utah Medical Products Womens Pelvic Health product line includes; UtahLoop® and C-LETZ® Gynecology Electrodes, EndoCurette® Endometrial Sampling Curettes, TVUS/HSG-Cath™ Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound and Hysterosalpingography Dual Lumen Catheters, a wide range of specially selected Gynecological Instruments, OptiSpec® Gynecology Lights, and LUMIN™ Uterine Manipulators.

Gynecological Electrodes

UtahLoop® and C-LETZ® gynecology electrodes are trusted to give high confidence of clear margins with minimal removal of healthy cervical tissue.

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The EndoCurette® is a sterile, single use suction curette which features a proprietary multiport curetting tip to help obtain a more robust endometrial sample.

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The TVUS/HSG-Cath™ is a trans-cervical, dual lumen catheter designed to help provide optimal sonographic uterine image quality while minimizing patient discomfort.

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Gynecological Instruments

UTMD’s specially selected instruments help gynecologists provide safe electrosurgical procedures.

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The OptiSpec® light produces ultra-bright illumination of the cervix during gynecological procedures.

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LUMIN™ is an economical, disposable, pre-assembled uterine manipulator / injector that provides excellent utility compared to other more expensive devices.

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