Blood Filtration

Hemo-Nate® Blood Filtration System

The Hemo-Nate® blood filtration system is designed to reduce the risk of pulmonary distress and overburdening of underdeveloped neonatal vasculature after the infusion of frequently administered small volumes of blood, blood components and other fluids in neonatal and pediatric patients.


The Hemo-Nate® filter is a small volume, disposable syringe filter having stainless steel filter media, bi-directional supported and bubble point tested for absolute retention and removal of harmful micro-debris (particulates) of 18 microns and larger that are present in AHF concentrates and cryoprecipitates.


  • Filters particles down to 18 microns to prevent respiratory distress in the neonate.
  • Small priming volume (0.7 cc).
  • Provides exceptional flow.
  • Causes less cell lysis than plastic strand filters.
  • Hemo-Tap® spike permits easy access to blood bags without the need for blood administration sets.
  • Luer locking hub allows the use of a standard syringe.
  • The Luer tip cap permits a sterile means of transport to the patient.
  • Has unidirectional characteristics.


Hemo-Nate® Blood Filtration Systems are used in the filtration of stored blood, blood components and other fluids indicated for filtration. Infusion rates are set by each individual hospital and /or physician’s usual clinical procedures.


— Donham RT, Rational and indications for microfiltration of blood in emergency medicine. Med. Instrum. 11: 344-346, Nov-Dec 1977

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