Electrosurgical Accessories

Electrosurgical Accessories

Utah Medical Products® offers a complete line of high quality accessories for the Finesse® + and Finesse® II+, and most other electrosurgical generator systems.




High quality, disposable electrosurgery pens are for use with loop and ball electrodes, and electrosurgical scalpels. Each pen comes with a 10' cord. Packed sterile and disposable.


CQM (split surface) dispersive pads allow pad contact monitoring when used with compatible electrosurgical systems such as Finesse+ and Finesse II+. These LATEX-FREE dispersive pads have a hydrogel surface for excellent contact with the patient's skin.

Pads are certified for use with Finesse+ and Finesse II+ systems' FinCQM system, meeting IEC 60601-2-2 electrosurgical safety standard for Maximum Safe Temperature Rise.

Available with a pre-attached cord, or a tabbed pad for use with a reusable cord.


Finesse+ and Finesse II+ use a three-stage filtration system to evacuate and filter the smoke plume produced during electrosurgery. The filtration system includes an activated charcoal filter which adsorbs odorous gases, and two high-efficiency particulate filters which remove solid particles and aerosols. The three filters provide a minimum efficiency of 99.999% for 0.1 micron particles.


UTMD’s two-pedal footswitch is for use with FINESSE+ and FINESSE II+ Systems. It allows activation of the generator in either the cut or coagulation mode, as well as simultaneous activation of the smoke evacuation system. The footswitch comes with a 10 foot cord.


The Smoke Filtration Conversion Systems from Utah Medical Products® are systems of components for use with other brands of smoke evacuators. They can reduce operational costs, yet still offer these features:

— 3-stage filtration design consists of activated charcoal, plus two high performance filter elements, providing 99.999% particle filtration efficiency.

— Large filter surface area allows high air-flow while ensuring long-term particle entrapment. Achieves quick, complete removal of the surgical plume.

— System components fit directly into smoke filtration unit for immediate use - no adaptation required.

— The ESU-961 system is compatible with the following smoke evacuators: Aspen/ConMed AirSafe AspenVac, BEI Medical 395-700, Cabot/Cryomedics MiniVac, Corometrics Model 201, Nordex/Walker ProtectAire, Stackhouse AirSafe MiniVac, Valleylab ValleyVac, ZSI (Zinnanti) 395-700.

Disposable Electrosurgery Pens

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
ESU-301 Electrosurgery Pen, Non-Switching (footswitch control). * 20/BOX
ESU-305 Electrosurgery Pen, Hand Button Switch *  10/BOX
ESU-306 Electrosurgery Pen, Non-Switching w/Integral Banana Plug. * 10/BOX
* Product is CE Marked

Dispersive Pads

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
ESU-405 Dispersive Pad, with pre-attached 10' cable (ESU-405 does not provide CQM). * 10/BOX
ESU-420 Dispersive Pad, Split CQM, with pre-attached 10' cable. * 10/BOX
* Product is CE Marked


Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
ESU-501 Finesse® Filter Pack. * 5/BOX
ESU-502 Disposable Speculum Tubing, with Adapter. * 15/BOX
SSE-500 Finesse+ Internal ULPA Filter Cartridge. * 1/EA
ESU-700 Finesse® Internal Filter. 
(For 2012 and older Finesse and Finesse II Systems) *
* Product is CE Marked


Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
ESU-170 Footswitch - 4 Pin Style, for current models of Finesse+ and Finesse II+. * 1/EA
* Product is CE Marked

Smoke Evacuator Conversion Kits

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
951-712 Universal Disposable Tubing Set, w/Speculum Tubing. * 10/BOX
ESU-550 ULPA Filter Cartridge & Adapter for Stackhouse® AirSafeTM MiniVac. * 1/EA
SSE-501 External Filter Pack (Stackhouse®). * 5/BOX
ESU-961 Smoke Filtration Conversion System (Stackhouse®) Contents - 1 ea ESU-550, 1 ea SSE-501, 
15 ea ESU-502. *
* Product is CE Marked

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