Electrosurgical Accessories

Electrosurgical Accessories

Utah Medical Products® offers a complete line of high quality accessories for the Finesse® + and Finesse® II+, and most other electrosurgical generator systems.




High quality, disposable electrosurgery pens are for use with loop and ball electrodes, and electrosurgical scalpels. Each pen comes with a 10' cord. Packed sterile and disposable.


CQM (split surface) dispersive pads allow pad contact monitoring when used with compatible electrosurgical systems such as Finesse+ and Finesse II+. These LATEX-FREE dispersive pads have a hydrogel surface for excellent contact with the patient's skin.

Pads are certified for use with Finesse+ and Finesse II+ systems' FinCQM system, meeting IEC 60601-2-2 electrosurgical safety standard for Maximum Safe Temperature Rise.

Available with a pre-attached cord, or a tabbed pad for use with a reusable cord.


The Finesse+ and Finesse II+ Systems utilize a design that integrates the electrosurgical generator and smoke evacuation system into a single compact unit. This allows placement in operating areas with limited space, especially offices. It also allows simultaneous “single switch” activation of both modules by either the handswitch control pen or footswitch.

Finesse+ and Finesse II+ use a three-stage filtration system to evacuate and filter the smoke plume produced during electrosurgery. The filtration system includes an activated charcoal filter which adsorbs odorous gases, and two high-efficiency particulate filters which remove solid particles and aerosols. The three filters provide a minimum efficiency of 99.999% for 0.1 micron particles.


UTMD’s FinCQM circuit design adjusts to skin type variations and detects partial pad detachment before a pad site burn can occur. Output is automatically disabled and an error is indicated with separation of approximately 30% of the pad surface.


The Smoke Filtration Conversion Systems from Utah Medical Products® are systems of components for use with other brands of smoke evacuators. They can reduce operational costs, yet still offer these features:

— 3-stage filtration design consists of activated charcoal, plus two high performance filter elements, providing 99.999% particle filtration efficiency.

— Large filter surface area allows high air-flow while ensuring long-term particle entrapment. Achieves quick, complete removal of the surgical plume.

— System components fit directly into smoke filtration unit for immediate use - no adaptation required.

— The ESU-961 system is compatible with the following smoke evacuators: Aspen/ConMed AirSafe AspenVac, BEI Medical 395-700, Cabot/Cryomedics MiniVac, Corometrics Model 201, Nordex/Walker ProtectAire, Stackhouse AirSafe MiniVac, Valleylab ValleyVac, ZSI (Zinnanti) 395-700.

— The ESU-962 system is compatible with the following smoke evacuators: CooperSurgical 6080, Surgimedics Mini, Surgimedics Plume-inator, Surgimedics Surgifresh, Valleylab Airforce.


Book - Dr. Walter Prendiville's Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone contains a wealth of information on LETZ®, with contributions from many leaders of the procedure.

Video - "A Guide to CIN Management" videotape is an excellent resource for the LETZ® procedure (NTSC or PAL format).

Patient Brochure - The LETZ® Procedure Patient Information Brochure will assist the clinician in educating and assuring patients about CIN and the LETZ® procedure.

Disposable Electrosurgery Pens

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
ESU-301 Electrosurgery Pen, Non-Switching (footswitch control). * 20/BOX
ESU-305 Electrosurgery Pen, Hand Button Switch *  10/BOX
ESU-306 Electrosurgery Pen, Non-Switching w/Integral Banana Plug. * 10/BOX
* Product is CE Marked

Dispersive Pads

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
ES-9135-LP Dispersive Pad, Solid with Safety Ring. * 10/BOX
ES-1179 Dispersive Pad, Split CQM, with pre-attached 10' cable. * 10/BOX
ES-1180 Dispersive Pad, Split CQM, uncorded. 
(Requires ES-21174) *
ES-21174 Reusable Cord for ES-1180 Dispersive Pad. * 1/EA
ES-3160C Dispersive Pad Adapter, Finesse® , Finesse® II (pre‑1998). *
Adapter Selection Diagram
ES-3151C Dispersive Pad Adapter Cryomedics, Cooper 1000, Aspen, Leisegang, Cameron Miller. * 1/EA
* Product is CE Marked


Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
ESU-501 Finesse® Filter Pack. * 5/BOX
ESU-502 Disposable Speculum Tubing, with Adapter. * 15/BOX
SSE-500 Finesse+ Internal ULPA Filter Cartridge. * 1/EA
ESU-700 Finesse® Internal Filter. 
(For 2012 and older Finesse and Finesse II Systems) *
* Product is CE Marked


Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
ESU-170 Footswitch - 4 Pin Style, for current models of Finesse+ and Finesse II+. * 1/EA
* Product is CE Marked

Smoke Evacuator Conversion Kits

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
951-712 Universal Disposable Tubing Set, w/Speculum Tubing. * 10/BOX
ESU-540 Main ULPA Filter for CooperSurgical®, Valleylab®, Surgimedics®. 3/BOX
ESU-541 Prefilter for CooperSurgical®, Valleylab®, Surgimedics®. 30/BOX
ESU-542 Tubing Reducer to 7/8" Tubing for CooperSurgical®, Valleylab®, Surgimedics® Prefilter (ESU-541). 5/BOX
ESU-550 ULPA Filter Cartridge & Adapter for Stackhouse® AirSafeTM MiniVac. * 1/EA
SSE-501 External Filter Pack (Stackhouse®). * 5/BOX
ESU-961 Smoke Filtration Conversion System (Stackhouse®) Contents - 1 ea ESU-550, 1 ea SSE-501, 
15 ea ESU-502. *
ESU-962 Smoke Filtration Conversion System (CooperSurgical®) Contents - 1 ea ESU-540, 5 ea ESU-541, 5 ea ESU-542, 5 ea 951-712. 1/EA
* Product is CE Marked

Educational Materials

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
ESU-981 Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone, by W. Prendiville. 1/EA
N/A Video - "A Guide to CIN Management." (Specify VHS Tape or DVD) 1/EA
ESU-991 LETZ® Patient Information Brochure. 25/BOX

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