Fetal Monitoring

Fetal Monitoring Toco Abdominal Belts & Bands

External fetal monitoring involves the use of elastic belts wrapped around the mother's abdomen that hold monitoring devices against the skin. A Doppler device is used to detect the fetal heart rate and a tocodynamometer is used to track the frequency and duration of contractions.


UTMD's family of latex-free fetal monitoring tocodynamometer abdominal belts and stockinettes are engineered to provide maximum comfort to the patient, available in a variety of materials and configurations to accommodate varied patient needs and clinician preferences. The Bari-Belt™ and Bari-Band™ are abdominal belts and bands specifically designed for the bariatric patient.


  • Secure and comfortable fit.
  • Broad selection of buttonhole, plush elastic, soft strap, foam and mesh designs.
  • Stockinettes available in precut or in a roll.
  • Also provide pink, blue baby beanies and foam circumcision straps.


  • Increased width to avoid rolling, folding, and patient discomfort.
  • Increased length to accommodate all patient sizes.
  • Only one belt is needed for both the UA and US transducers.


  • Soft, polyester/lycra material maximizes patient comfort while providing the elasticity necessary for transducer adherence.
  • Four sizes to accommodate patients of all shapes and sizes.
  • Only one band is needed for both the UA and US transducers.

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