Oral and Nasal Newborn Aspiration

Muc-X™ Meconium Aspirators

Muc-X™ aspirators are used to suction bodily fluids from the nose and mouth in order to reduce the potential for the development of respiratory complications. The smooth beveled design of the Muc-X™ suctioning tip is gentle on the oral and nasal tissues of the neonate, and the DeLee style design eliminates risk of direct oral contact with meconium.


Muc-X™ is a newborn oropharyngeal and nasal aspirator that easily, safely and reliably aspirates bodily fluids without clinician exposure.


  • Smooth, beveled tip is gentle to infant.
  • Minimizes the potential for direct oral contact with meconium.
  • Allows for one-hand suctioning.
  • Safe, reliable and easy to use.
  • Economical and cost effective.
  • Intended for use with mechanical suction devices only.
  • Prepackaged sterile for one time use.

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