Orotracheal Protection

Pala-Nate® Orotracheal Protection

Pala-Nate® is a soft silicone palatal insert that protects a neonate during intubation. The adverse effects of prolonged intubation are numerous and can have permanent negative consequences in speech, dental and orofacial development.


Pala-Nate® is an oral appliance made of silicone, a biocompatible material. It is designed to protect the palate of the intubated infant from the damage which can be caused by pressure from the orotracheal tube.


  • Available in 4 sizes to meet the needs of the smallest premature infant to the largest infant.
  • Made of soft silicone for optimal comfort and protection.
  • Specially designed for proper adherence and fit.
  • Retentive baseplate is well tolerated by infant, and serves to support the feeding tubes in their passage through the mouth.
  • Efficient in reducing spontaneous extubations.
  • Eliminates the need for taking an impression, necessary with custom devices, which increases infant stimulation.
  • Cost effective - Less personnel time involved in maintenance, and much less expensive than custom devices.


The Pala-Nate is indicated for infants requiring orotracheal intubation longer than 24 hours to aid in the prevention of iatrogenic palatal deformation.


• Maxillofacial defects as a result of trauma or surgery.
• Presence of nasal / oral infection.


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