Peritoneal Dialysis

Dialy-Nate® Peritoneal Dialysis

Because critically-ill pediatric patients are unlikely to have adequate blood volume and vasculature to support hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis is an effective therapy to help correct for inadequate renal function. Dialy-Nate® is a preassembled, closed system including all the medical device components needed to perform peritoneal dialysis. As such, it is ready to be used in a timely way and helps avoid inadvertent disconnections and possible patient infection that can result from manual assembly of tubing and multiple components in a clinical setting.


Dialy-Nate® is the only preassembled peritoneal dialysis kit specifically designed for the neonatal patient.


  • Safer and more effective than piecing together separate tubing and components.
  • Preassembled, closed sterile system greatly reduces risk of peritonitis.
  • Saves nursing time and worry about researching hospital protocols.
  • Available with a bonded helical warming coil for use with a K-Pad, or with 600cm of uncoiled tubing for use in a blood or fluid warmer.


— Todd NA. Neonatal Peritoneal Dialysis: A Guide. Neonatal Netw. 1998 Feb;17(1):69-70.

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