Respiratory Care

Disposa-Hood™ Infant Oxygen Hoods

Disposa-Hood™ was designed to provide precise oxygenation with laminar FiO2 distribution and effective CO2 flushing, to maintain control of a neutral thermal environment important for respiratory function, and to provide access for timely therapy and avoidance of cross-contamination not possible with an incubator unit.


Disposa-Hood™ is an infant respiratory hood designed for precise control of NTE, and precise oxygenation with consistent FiO2 distribution and CO2 flushing.


  • Unique "Laminar Flow" design maintains consistent FiO2 levels throughout hood and improves CO2 flushing.
  • Convenient top port accommodates temperature and oxygen sensors.
  • Raised base ports for convenient placement of tubing and cables.
  • Clear, seamless material allows total visibility of infant from all angles.
  • Diffuser prevents oxygen from blowing directly on infant.
  • Soft padded neck opening is gentle to infant's skin.
  • Weighted base collar keeps hood in place, even with active infants.



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— Finer NN. Nasal Cannula Use in the Preterm Infant: Oxygen or Pressure. Pediatrics. 2005 Nov;116(5):1216-7.

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