Surgical Smoke Filtration and Evacuation

Filtresse™ Surgical Smoke Evacuation Systems

The smoke plume generated during electrosurgery, electrocautery and laser surgery procedures can contain potentially hazardous particulates and gases that can be harmful to the surgical team and patient if inhaled. Use of the Filtresse™ surgical smoke filtration and evacuation system can minimize this risk and reduce odor while providing a clear view of the surgical site.

To begin the procedure, the filter pack and flexible tubing need to be attached to the Filtresse™ smoke evacuator. If desired, a 1/4" reducing nozzle can be attached to the end of the flexible tubing and to the smoke port of the speculum or hand piece to be used. The main power is turned on and the footswitch is used to verify air flow through the tubing. A speed control knob can be used to adjust the level of air flow. During the procedure, the distal tip of the smoke evacuation tubing or device should be held as close to the surgical site as practical in order to achieve acceptable smoke plume removal.


The Filtresse™ Smoke Filtration System is designed for the evacuation and filtration of the smoke plume created during minor, short duration electrosurgical and laser procedures.


  • Three-stage disposable filter system efficiently removes odors and particulate matter.
  • Easily attaches to most wands and instruments, to yield quick smoke plume evacuation at the source.
  • Variable motor speed provides flow rate adjustability and enhanced noise suppression.
  • Pneumatic footswitch provides easy, hands-free operation.
  • Compact, portable and stylish design uses little office space.


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— Workplace Safety Equals Patient Safety. AORN J. 2012 Sep; 96(3): 235–244.

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