Umbilical Catheterization

Umbili-Cath™ Umbilical Vascular Access Catheters

Umbili-Cath™ umbilical artery/vessel catheters are designed for ease of insertion, patient safety, and to minimize irritation to the baby's delicate tissues. Umbili-Cath™ is available in both Silicone and Tecoflex polyurethane materials. Silicone is known as the most biocompatible and gentle material for vascular access. Tecoflex is slightly stiffer for insertion, yet softens at body temperature to emulate the characteristics of silicone after placement. Umbili-Cath is available in sizes down to 2.8 Fr, providing access to the smallest babies. Dual and triple-lumen Umbili-Cath are available to provide a means of infusing incompatible meds or allowing for continuous monitoring during therapies.


Umbili-Cath™ is an umbilical vessel catheter specially designed for ease of insertion, patient safety, and comfort.


  • Soft rounded tips to reduce perforation risks during placement.
  • Soft rounded end holes to facilitate better fluid clearing.
  • Full numbered depth markings from 1 cm to hub for more accurate placement.
  • "Zero dead space" Luer locking hub.
  • Barium sulfate-loaded catheter provides radiopacity.
  • Available in silicone or Tecoflex® polyurethane.


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