Urinary Drainage

Uri-Cath™ Urinary Catheter Sets

Uri-Cath™ urinary drainage catheters are used to obtain urine cultures and accurate urine outputs from neonatal and pediatric patients. The silicone material of Uri-Cath™ minimizes urethral irritation and encrustation. This preferred urinary drainage method eliminates the inconvenience and measurement error associated with weighing diapers.


Uri-Cath™ is a closed urinary drainage system with silicone elastomer urethral catheter used to obtain accurate urine outputs from neonatal and pediatric patients.


  • Pre-assembled sterile closed system reduces risk of infection.
  • Stopcock, with injection site, allows for non-contaminated midstream specimen sampling.
  • 150 ml collection burette allows accurate measurement of urinary output.
  • The silicone catheter has a soft, rounded tip and a non-wettable surface to reduce trauma during insertion.
  • The biocompatible, non-reactive silicone minimizes urethral irritation and crustation associated with Latex and PVC material used in other catheters.

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