Uterus Positioning During Laparoscopy

LUMIN™ Uterine Manipulators

During diagnostic and surgical laparoscopy of the female reproductive system, proper positioning of the uterus is critical to the success of the procedure. The uterine manipulation procedure begins by adjusting LUMIN’s articulating shaft for appropriate uterine depth and flexion. With the balloon deflated, the LUMIN™ manipulator is inserted into the cervix until the locking nut on the manipulator is flush against the cervix. The balloon is now inflated to a level determined by the clinician, based on the size of the uterus. After the laparoscope is positioned, the uterus is moved into the appropriate position under direct visualization. The trigger mechanism on the LUMIN™ manipulator articulates the manipulator shaft forward and backward. Articulation can be locked with a locking lever. To inject distention or contrast media into the uterus, the manipulator is pulled back to seat the uterine balloon against the internal cervical os. The syringe containing the media is attached to the female luer connector on the manipulator. The selected media enters the uterine cavity through the distal tip of the articulation shaft.


LUMIN™ is a disposable, single use laparoscopic uterine manipulator and injector.


  • Trigger handle control offers easy, precise positioning.
  • Stainless steel cannula provides the required strength for confident control.
  • Position lock securely maintains uterine position, freeing surgeon's hands during procedure.
  • Cushioned 5.7 mm tip reduces risk of uterine perforation without excessive cervical dilatation.
  • Adjustable tip accommodates correct uterine depth and orientation.
  • Balloon secures uterine position without a tenaculum and prevents leakage of contrast medium and gas.


LUMIN™ is indicated for use during procedures requiring manipulation of the uterus including, but not limited to: laparoscopic evaluation of tubal occlusion, minilap and diagnostic laparoscopy. LUMIN™ also provides an injection lumen for liquid media. An intrauterine balloon seals the internal cervical os against media backflow.


LUMIN™ should not be used in pregnant patients or those suspected of being pregnant. LUMIN™ should not be used if uterine, vaginal or tubal infection is present or suspected.

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