Optimicro™ Needle Electrodes

OptiMicro™ Ultra-Fine Tip Needle Electrodes

The OptiMicro™ Needle ultra-fine tip electrosurgical electrodes are designed to provide precise dissection without adverse thermal effects to yield excellent cosmetic results for small-scale procedures. These micro-needles have the finest geometry available. Because of their extremely small surface area, a focused spark plasma is created at very low power settings.

OptiMicro™ Clinical Benefits:

  • Thermal tissue injury is virtually eliminated, allowing excellent healing results.
  • Output power settings are very low, minimizing nerve and muscle cell stimulation and stray electrosurgical currents.
  • Tungsten electrode withstands high current densities, and maintains sharpness throughout procedure.
  • Substantially reduces smoke plume and odor compared to standard blade geometry tips.

The 8cm long clinician requested additions to the OptiMicro™ line provide the additional reach required during some Head and Neck procedures. The DN-0800, with a 3mm cutting tip, is ideal for dissection during adult tonsillectomy and in some nasal cavity surgeries. The DN-0810 is designed with a 10mm uninsulated tip for effective thermal tissue reduction during turbinate and adenoid reduction surgeries.

OptiMicro™ Microdissection Needles

Model Number Description Unit of Measure Image
DN-0200 OptiMicro™ Needle, 2cm long with straight tip. * 10/BOX
DN-0245 OptiMicro™ Needle, 2cm long with 3mm long 45° tip. * 10/BOX
DN-0300 OptiMicro™ Needle, 3cm long with straight tip. * 10/BOX
DN-0345 OptiMicro™ Needle, 3cm long with 3mm long 45° tip. * 10/BOX
DN-0400 OptiMicro™ Needle, 4cm long with straight tip. * 10/BOX
DN-0445 OptiMicro™ Needle, 3cm long with 10mm long 45° tip. * 10/BOX
DN-0800 OptiMicro™ Needle, 8cm long with straight tip. * 10/BOX
DN-0810 OptiMicro™ Needle, 8cm long straight tip with 10mm uninsulated tip. * 10/BOX
* Product is CE Marked

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