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Career Descriptions

These are specific descriptions of careers at Utah Medical Products, Inc.® They are the areas in which UTMD consistently seeks to place the most qualified and talented individuals. To view descriptions of positions currently open in any of these areas go to the Open Positions page.

  • Accounting

A career in accounting at Utah Medical would generally require that the candidate have at least a Bachelor's degree in Accounting or a related field. Experience performing accounting work for a high-tech manufacturing firm would also be desirable. Preferred knowledge and skills would include excellent computer skills (especially with Excel or other spreadsheet programs), knowledge of inventory systems, and ability to meet deadlines.

  • Document Control

Careers in Document Control will generally require a candidate to have prior experience in document control practices and procedures. The ability to work well with a wide variety of people (including engineers and technicians) and handle a large volume of work are also desirable traits. Knowledge and skills include ability to use computer programs effectively to create, maintain, and distribute controlled documents, and good organizational skills.

  • Human Resources

A career in Human Resources will usually require at least a bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Business or related field. Prior experience is preferred. Knowledge of employment law, recruiting skills, and benefits administration are also necessary. Other desired qualifications would include computer skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to write well, and ability to deal with conflict and employee complaints.

  • Management Information Systems

MIS career opportunities generally require a candidate to have extensive experience in managing complex network systems (LAN's), including links to remote sites. Skills include ability to troubleshoot individual PC's as well as mainframe systems and networks, and excellent organization. Knowledge of a wide variety of software and hardware is very helpful. Ability to work with a wide variety of people, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills are also required.

  • Manufacturing Engineering

Careers in Manufacturing Engineering usually require at least a bachelor's degree in Manufacturing Engineering or a related discipline. Previous experience is desirable. Experience with both automated and manual production lines is also preferred. Knowledge of engineering theory, practices and procedures which will enable the candidate to solve engineering and manufacturing problems. Ability to troubleshoot, work with deadlines and work in teams is required. Creativity and good problem-solving skills are also desirable.

  • Marketing

Marketing in the high-tech medical product manufacturing industry is very challenging. Candidates dedicated to hard work and creative solutions to difficult problems are highly preferred. Requirements may include the ability to design a complete marketing program for a specific product line, work with an interdisciplinary team to make product launches successful, train both customers and salespeople on specific products, and represent the company at important industry trade shows. Accordingly, excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required, as well as the ability to meet deadlines and present ideas in a clear and convincing manner. At least a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business or a related field and previous experience in medical product marketing are desirable. Some travel is usually required.

  • Materials Management

Careers in Materials Management may range anywhere from Inventory Control to Production Planning & Purchasing. A career in Inventory Control generally requires APICS certification and experience in warehouse management. Knowledge and experience with MRP systems, cycle count systems, perpetual inventories and physical inventories is also required. Must be able to perform basic math skills, work well with a variety of people, and use PC-based computer systems. Excellent organizational and management skills highly desirable.

For a career in Purchasing, candidates must generally have at least a Bachelor's degree and APICS certification. Prior experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred. Knowledge of cycle counting processes, flow of materials, inventory control, scheduling and purchasing processes is required. Excellent negotiating and organizational skills are desirable.

  • Molding

Careers in Molding generally consist of highly technical positions. These positions generally require a candidate to be able to perform highly skilled precision metal working, designing mold using a CAD system, performing maintenance, repairs and construction of plastic injection molds and mold prototypes, analyzing specifications, fabricating parts necessary for construction of new equipment, and performing intricate milling, grinding, etc. Knowledge of mechanics, shop mathematics, metal properties, and layout machining procedures required. Ability to create and read drawings, blueprints and sketches is also required, as well as ability to operate mills, lathes, jig borers, grinders, and shapers. Attention to detail and creativity are desirable traits.

  • Quality Assurance

Career opportunities within the area of Quality Assurance are numerous. Opportunities exist for inspectors, supervisors, engineers, liaison specialists and managers. Most upper-level opportunities require at least a Bachelor's degree, plus some related experience in a manufacturing environment. Knowledge of certification processes and requirements (ISO, CE Mark, etc.) is preferred. Knowledge of federal regulations (FDA, OSHA, GMP, environmental protection, and regulations specific to the manufacturing of medical devices) is highly desirable. Attention to detail and the ability to focus on meeting the needs of the customer are also desirable.

  • Research & Development

Careers in R&D require candidates who are highly trained, skilled and very creative. Candidates for positions in this area must be able to work both independently and in a team environment. Good communication skills are critical. Engineers must be able to take abstract ideas and turn them into workable products by working with an interdisciplinary team to successfully take a product from concept to completion. Ability to build prototypes is desirable. As a minimum, a Bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline is required. Master's degree preferred.

Drafters must be able to prepare complete and accurate layouts and detailed drawings for engineering and manufacturing purposes using a CAD system. Thorough knowledge of standard drafting practices is also required. Excellent computer skills and communication skills are necessary. Generally, candidates should possess either an Associate's degree in CAD or a related field, or an equivalent certificate in drafting. Previous experience is preferred.

Software engineers must possess excellent computer programming skills and the ability to read, analyze and interpret documents, diagrams, product performance specifications and workflow charts. Ability to apply mathematics to developing software for electronic products and manufacturing equipment and knowledge of software documentation requirements for electronic products and manufacturing equipment are preferred. Ability to think logically and scientifically required. Knowledge of a wide range of computer programs (Excel, Corel Draw, C++, Turbo Pascal, etc.) is very helpful. Ability to troubleshoot and solve product problems also a plus. Generally requires a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field.

  • Sales

Careers in Sales require highly motivated, outgoing and dedicated candidates. The ability to work well under pressure and to be competitive in a highly competitive market is essential. Candidates for positions in sales should have excellent communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills, as well as an ability to present oneself in a very professional manner, both over the telephone and in person. An unswerving devotion to outstanding customer service is required, as is a dedication to the success of the company and each product line. The ability to develop expertise on a number of product lines is required. Previous experience with medical products is desirable, as is experience interacting with physicians, nurses and other medical staff in hospital settings. Frequent travel is required for outside sales positions.